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It's no secret your business needs a loyalty program...

But do you know how much that loyalty is costing you?


Centralized & expensive loyalty software that holds the customers cash for vouchers.


The estimated amount left on gift cards, unredeemed, never to reach the merchant.


Commission taken by popular platforms offering vouchers for businesses.

That's where BlockHosts comes in

BlockHosts cuts the costs and allows you to connect directly with your customers

Access the features you can't get anywhere else

Your customers will love this

Token Marketplace

Publish deals, gift cards, and coupons on our marketplace to attract new customers to your business. We charge a low 2% commission, 100% of the time.

Cut the middleware

Sell vouchers and gift cards directly to your consumers. You write the terms, receive the money upfront, and save around 90% in fees.

Secondary Markets

Selling exclusive tickets, one time offers, or special memberships? Allow your customers to sell that forward, and you always get a commission.

Exclusive NFTs

Intensify customers with limited NFTs for events, memberships or perks. Collaborate with creators and build your own commission structure.

Pay in Crypto or Card

Let your customers choose how to pay. 55% of 18-35 year olds want to be able to make purchases with crypto. With us, they can.

Digitize Client Loyalty

Reward your customers on their purchases to keep them coming back. Create and send coupons, digital punch cards and more for your clients.

Easily set up and manage your rewards to keep your customers coming back

Here's how to go live in 4 simple steps...


Set up your account in minutes
Fill out your information and design your customer loyalty wallet. Choose the best rewards programs for your business to get started with.

Launch and invite your customers
Now it’s time to go live! Invite your customers via text, email, or in store. All they have to do is fill out a digital form to set up a loyalty wallet to receive your rewards. 

Share rewards to keep them coming back

Send discounts and reward repeat customers easily through your BlockHosts portal. The rewards are easily redeemable in stores or online by code or QR scan. 

Analyze the results and grow!
Tweak your rewards system based on the program that works best for your business. Watch as your loyal customers keep coming back. 

How does it work
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