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Decentralized Revenue For Consumer Businesses

Increase sales and retain customers with our digital loyalty and rewards platform.


It's the new standard of B2C loyalty

We're cutting the middleman and giving you - the business owner - full ownership of your customer loyalty.

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Crypto or cash, let your clients choose how they pay

Offer customers discount vouchers to purchase in advance and redeem in person. It's a win-win. 


Direct to your customers - don't lose out on vouchers & gift cards

Cut the middleman and keep the change. Unspent cash and expired vouchers belong to you, the business owner.

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Introducing new ways to earn more with secondary market resales for products & services

Let your customers sell your vouchers, gift cards, or tickets on. You set the commission structure so you always get a cut.

Everything you need to run your loyalty club

Get started with these perks and benefits

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Sell redeemable gift cards directly to your customers to generate revenue ahead of time and online. Get paid at the point of transaction.

Gift Cards

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"Buy 10 coffees, get 1 free." Digitize the paper stamp card and offer rewards for repeat clients. Use the data to learn the patterns of your loyal clients.

Stamp Rewards

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Offer your products or services as redeemable vouchers to your customers. They pay with card or crypto. You receive the payment upfront.


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Digital ticketing for events with no redemption costs. If they get re-sold before the event, you earn the commission. Proof of attendance on your dashboard.

Event Tickets

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Send your loyalty club $X off or X% off for your shop. You set the coupon and the terms and share it with your customers to redeem in stores.

Loyalty Coupons

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Collectible rewards, artist and creator collaborations, allow to swap deals. Customers can lease and re-sell NFTs. You always get a commission. 

Exclusive NFTs

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The BlockHosts marketplace wallet

A central app for consumers to search for and find loyalty discounts and rewards near them. 

Customers can use the BlockHosts wallet to redeem their loyalty tokens, send them as a gift, or even list them for resale at a profit.

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